Isaí Domínguez
I am a marine biologist and over the years I have learned to combine my career with my passion, which has resulted in the creation of visual and audiovisual works that are showing the true natural wonders of this planet.
  Since the year 2005 I have worked in the conservation of mangrove and fish of Baja California Sur doing research, with the aim of promoting better decisions regarding the conservation and use of these resources at national level.  
   In 2010 I joined the Directorate General of Communication of Science in the National Commission for     the knowledge and use of biodiversity (Conabio), where fungi pictures as a specialist-advisor on marine issues elaborating content for the Web portal of the institution, Scripts for the elaboration of videos, as well as collaborating as reviewer of articles for the magazine Biodiversitas.
I am currently underwater photographer and co-ordinate with other colleagues the initiative "Mares Mexicanos" whose objective is to document the current state of the seas in our country and raise awareness about their conservation. 
From 2013 I collaborate in the magazine "Science and Development" of CONACYT with my section "Mexico between the land and the Sea".
In the year 2017 become part of the communication team of science in KualiComunicación where I am director. In this company I help and look for ways to be able to make known in a graphical way the scientific knowledge to the general public. 
In a nutshell my work has focused on conserving Mexican marine and coastal resources trying to create an awareness of respect and care for nature

Thank you!